Play Dough Apple Tree Life Cycle


If you know us well, you know we loooove play dough.  We almost always have 3 or 4 play dough kits on hand and for the past several years, they’ve been something Miss G has regularly taken out and played with.  That being said, we’ve sort of been on a play dough break recently…  Miss G has other things she’s super passionate about at the moment {mainly ‘inventing’ and reading – always readingand with her being in school full days this year, I honestly just find that there’s not a lot of extra time in our days {*insert sad face here*}.  That being said, we’ve recently been all about apples and apple trees, and when Miss G asked about when the different stages of an apple tree’s life cycle occur, I figured it would be fun to explore the different seasons with some play dough and simple play dough mats.


This sweet girl and I took out our apple books, did some reading, and then used the illustrations as inspiration when creating a tree for each of the seasons.


Being the clever and creative little thing that she is, she wanted to add play dough arrows to show the sequence of the stages and the fact that they repeat themselves again and again.


Here’s her finished play dough apple tree life cycle…  So cute, right?

For all of the details, plus our favourite ever play dough recipe and the printable play dough mats, pop on over to CBC Parents and check out our Explore the Seasons With an Apple Tree Play Dough Mat post

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