Our Valentine’s Tradition

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Today we hosted our 6th {or 7th?} annual Valentine’s Tea…  The tradition started in Kuwait when Miss G was just 5 and a half months old and has happened every year since, except for last year.  Last year our sweet Sam was fresh out of the NICU and as much as it pained me not to follow through with tradition, having people over just wasn’t worth it with our bubba’s health.  We were well warned by our NICU nurses to make it through cold and flu season without him getting sick, so we weren’t taking any chances.  A little family celebration over the weekend it was.  

This year our ‘tea’ involved no tea at all {us mamas need coffee!} and was thrown together just a couple of days beforehand over text message.  We had just a few friends over and I took absolutely zero pictures once our guests arrived, but it was exactly what we needed.  The kiddos played, us mamas chatted, we all ate, and the entire thing was incredibly low key which was lovely.

Here’s a peek at our little Valentine’s Day Tea tradition over the years…

IMG 4424

IMG 43962010 in Kuwait 

IMG 5647

IMG 56692011 in Canada

IMG 5560 2

IMG 55482012 in Canada

IMG 5785

IMG 60102013 back in Kuwait

IMG 8646{Miss G was so sick for this one, but our lovely friends still chose to come}

IMG 86632014 in Kuwait {the aftermath… I think there was too much chaos to take photos during the party – hah!}

IMG 92952015 once again in Canada

And this year…

IMG 7553

IMG 7554

IMG 7555

Can you believe how much our Miss G has grown?!  Gosh, time truly does fly.

My goal for next year?  To take at least one photo of our Sam and maybe get to planning our little tea earlier than a few days before the get together – hah!

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