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Heart Balloon Valentines | Mama Papa Bubba

My goodness we cut things close this year.  I’m not sure what happened…  We had our idea weeks ago, our supplies were picked up in plenty of time, and somehow we started making Miss G’s class valentines just this evening.  The night before Valentine’s Day.  Oops.

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Thankfully, due to a small change in plans, they were super easy and didn’t take too long to put together at all.  Now originally our plan was to turn our heart-shaped balloons into homemade stress balls {which would have been really cool}, but after trying one out and not being thrilled with the process or finished product, Miss G jumped at the opportunity to keep the balloons as they were, which was just fine by me!

IMG 7561

To start with, we popped onto my computer and created a printable card to tape the balloons onto.  Miss G did most of the work with this step – she did the typing, picked her font, and selected the border she thought looked best.  She also was the one who decided on our message, which wasn’t easy.  In the end we decided to go with ‘Love is in the Air!’, but ‘You make my heart burst’, ‘You blow me away’, and ‘Here is a fun heart-shaped balloon for you to blow up and play with’ {hah!} were in the running too.

IMG 7564

With our template designed, I printed out several copies on coloured card stock, cut them out, and gave them to Miss G so she could fill in her classmates’ names.

IMG 7567

She’s become such a great little printer this year that the writing part took her no time at all.

IMG 7574

Then it was onto selecting the perfeect balloon colour for each of her classmates…

IMG 7576

With that done, we added a glue dot to the back of each balloon…

IMG 7578

IMG 7580

And a piece of washi tape across the bottom.

IMG 7581

And that was that.  Done!

IMG 7585

Aren’t they pretty?

IMG 7587

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Find our printable Love is in the Air card here.

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