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Kid Made Kindness Potion | Mama Papa Bubba

We had such a lovely time spreading kindness and love with the help of our Kindness Elves throughout the month of December and Miss G was definitely sad to see them go after they left her one final note on Christmas night.  They did say that they’d be back at some point, but we didn’t know when that would be…  

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Until this afternoon, that is!  When Miss G arrived home from school, not only did she find Max and Joy {our Kindness Elves} waiting for her on her bed with a little letter, but they’d also brought along a copy of their brand new book – The Story of the Kindness Elves!

IMG 7742

Of course my little bookworm was over the moon and just couldn’t wait to dive in!

IMG 7743

The story is beautifully illustrated and explains who the elves are, where they live, and what they do all day, which Miss G loved because it answered many of the things she’s pondered since the elves joined our family a few months ago.

IMG 7745

Her very favourite part though?  A top secret kindness recipe card hidden inside one of the pages.  Seriously!

IMG 7749

She just couldn’t get over how sneaky and clever it was of the elves to leave a little surprise tucked inside the book.

IMG 7752

And that’s exactly what inspired her idea… A REAL LIFE kindness potion of her own!  She knew that she wanted it to *smell* warm and happy and cozy like kindness and went straight to essential oils for that {which I of course supervised to ensure that the oils she picked were 100% kid friendly and safe}.  From there, she knew she wanted to add water to turn it into a spray, and I suggested adding witch hazel {US | CAN} to help the oils disperse in the water which she was on board with. The final bit – and perhaps the most important part, was adding a little bit of whimsy and magic with the addition of some beautiful super fine glitter {US | CAN} in mauve and pink.  With that, we found a small fine mist spray bottle {US | CAN} and funnel, and we were set.

IMG 7757

Then it was time to nail down our kindness potion recipe…

IMG 7760

Miss G wanted her recipe to be similar to the one the elves had left in the book, so she decided to use an essential oil to represent each of the elements in their recipe.

IMG 7765

Orange oil {US | CAN} for joy, lavender oil {US | CAN} for love, and vanilla oil {US | CAN} for smiles.  And of course glitter for magic!

IMG 7770

And with that, it was time to get mixing!

IMG 7777She carefully measured out each ingredient according to her recipe…

IMG 7782

And then put the lid on and gave it a good shake.

IMG 7790

The glitter did sort of stick to the inside of the bottle, but we decided that helped our spray-on potion look extra magical.

IMG 7792

She added her own little custom made label…

IMG 7795

And her kindness spray was done!

IMG 7797

Now let me tell you, it smells divine {and exactly like kindness in my opinion!}  It’s warm and calming and sunshiny and happy all at once, which couldn’t be more perfect. Lavender with orange is one of my old favourite combinations, and though I don’t love the vanilla essential oil we have {it’s not a great quality oil}, it’s a lovely addition when paired with the other two.

IMG 7772

So what will she do with her sprayable kindness potion?  She’s decided it’ll be sprayed whenever she needs a little calming, a little love, a little extra happiness, or a little reminder to be kind and thoughtful, which sounds perfect to me.

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