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Oh my goodness…  Only two more days and it’s officially spring break!  I’m not sure who’s more excited – Miss G or me.  We’re going to work on getting some things done around the house, maybe go on some fun outings around the city, and best of all, get away just the four of us!  Admittedly, getaways aren’t as elaborate as they once were {there’s no just looking at a map and picking a random nearby country to visit when you live in Canada}, but we’re finally getting a chance to better explore BC, and that’s a good thing too.  Either way, my favourite part?  Spending some time as a family away from our regular everyday routine.  As awful as it sounds, it feels like the four of us really don’t have a ton of time to just hang out and enjoy each other’s company {which is definitely something I miss about living in Kuwait}.  During the week Brad leaves for work as we’re just getting going, then there’s the morning rush, Miss G’s long day at school, and then Brad returns just in time to sit down to dinner.  On a good night, there’s about 10 minutes of non-chaotic dinnertime, then B and I divide and conquer to get both kiddos washed and in bed for the night – me usually taking care of Sam and him Miss G.  Most weekends, we spend one day around the house cleaning, taking care of laundry, and playing catch up from a busy week, and then on the other day we may go on a fun outing all together or split up one-parent-one-kid style in order to run errands and get things done.  Either way, it’s just not enough time all together and that’s why I so look forward to our little getaways.  No distractions, no chores, no daily routine to get caught up in. 

So, in celebration of our upcoming trip, I thought it might be fun to put together a little take along activity kit for Miss G.  I love putting together little travel kits for kiddos and have made binder-style activity kits {see here for another version}, a portable LEGO kit, travel tins, a portable car kit, a road trip activity kit, and an airplane scavenger hunt in the past, but this time I wanted to do something slightly different…  A kit that we could just keep in the car and pull out to use during restaurant visits, doctor’s appointments, cafe stops, ferry rides, and trips to grandma’s house.  A kit that would include a little bit of everything and still be compact and easy to take along.

IMG 7940

So, while Miss G was at school one day, Sam and I gathered up some items that we thought would give us plenty of bang for our buck while out and about.  Of course he was very interested in getting his hands on whatever he could, so I feel like a baby / toddler version really has to be next.

IMG 7945

Here’s a sneak peek, but for all the details about what’s inside, pop over to CBC Parents and check out our Take Along Activity Kit to Keep in the Car post.

IMG 7955

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  1. I love this idea!! We have a yearly road trip to meet up with family and the car ride can get a bit long for the kids. Can you possibly tell share what the little building toys are and where you got them (the ones that kind of look like number signs?) Thanks!!

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