Portable Activity Kit for Little Boys

Portable Activity Kit for Little Boys | Mama Papa Bubba

I feel like Miss G and I have been making homemade gifts like they’re going out of style lately {and I love it}.  This most recent one is exactly like the portable activity kit we gave her little friend Evelyn on her second birthday, only this one contains slightly different activities – things we thought a busy 3 year old would enjoy.  Now obviously the activities included in this kit are not just for boys {in fact, Miss G has already announced that she’d like the activity kit I’m making her to be exactly like this one} – it’s just that we gifted this particular kit to her little friend who happens to be a boy.

Here’s a peek at what we included…

IMG 9307{this post contains affiliate links}

Reusable robot and alien drawing sheets inspired by Happy Hooligans’ erasable drawing activity.  To make these, I simply folded a piece of white printer paper in half, drew the start of a robot / alien on each side of the folded paper, and laminated the sheets.  Included is a set of our favourite Crayola dry erase crayons with the mitten eraser they come with.

IMG 9308

A mini fishing game inspired by one of the camping-themed activities in our Backyard Summer Camp eBook.  The fish are cut out of craft foam and made magnetic by hot gluing coins on the backs.  The fishing rod is a chopstick with embroidery floss tied onto it and two small magnets on either side of the string at the bottom, and the fish pond is simply a piece of inexpensive blue felt cut out to resemble a body of water.

IMG 9311

A simple invitation to play with cars that includes a couple of Hot Wheels and The DIY Mommy’s printable road maps laminated.

IMG 9312

People play dough mats from Picklebums paired with small balls of plasticine {we LOVE this activity in our house!}

IMG 9315

A number clip game made by placing basic dot stickers onto number cards we found in our local grocery store.  Included are some miniature wooden clothespins, which are meant to clip onto the dots.  This game is great for counting, one-to-one correspondence, and fine motor skills.

IMG 9318

An invitation to play with dinosaurs.  Included is Picklebum’s printable imaginative play mats, a couple of small trees, a couple of Safari Ltd. dinosaurs, and a few stones.

IMG 9319

And another handmade wooden disc memory match set just like the ones I used to make and sell in my Etsy shop.

IMG 9321

Being the second time around, Grae knew exactly what to do this time.  She hole punched our zip pouches {similar to these}…

IMG 9324

Placed an activity in each pouch with the corresponding label on the outside…

IMG 9329

And then put the pouches into our 1-inch binder.

IMG 9331

Of course she had to check and make sure that they all looked good afterwards, which they did. ☺

IMG 9338

And that was that.  A binder full of simple activities to keep her little friend happily engaged during his travels this summer.

IMG 9339

We finished off the gift with a laminated cover page and some baker’s twine, and she proudly placed it in a bag by the door to take to the birthday boy.

Be sure to check out our portable activity kit for little travellers for more ideas.

Portable Activity Kit for Little Travellers | Mama Papa Bubba


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27 thoughts on “Portable Activity Kit for Little Boys

  1. This is great! Do you have any ideas what activities to use for older ages? My daughter just turned 4 and would like something more challenging

  2. Oh, this is so wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing and for including my road map printable with a link. (If you want to, I’d love for you to link up to my Motivational Monday link party – it goes live tomorrow on my blog!)

  3. Hey there. Do you mind telling me where you got the IBC pouches? I have done some google searching, but only have come up with large storage/shipping totes. Thanks!

  4. Love the idea and will be making it for my classroom, but don’t like the “boy” label. Why must toys be gender labeled? As an early childhood educator for ever 30 years, it always saddens me.

    1. I agree, and I read the whole post about it being a gift for a boy. Still no reason to label it as “for little boys”.

  5. I really like the IBC zipper pouches where can I buy these exact ones? We’re going overseas with my little man I would love to make these for him.

  6. LOVE this! Fantastic ideas…and in a colorful package! This is perfect for the young preschool ages. Busy travelers are happy!

  7. I love how these are see through all over and yet easy for little hands to open and remove activities. Do you have an online resource for these? I tried looking, but came up empty-handed.

  8. I am not crafty….I mean I can’t do squat. But i love this! Does anyone make these things. Maybe on etsy? I would love this for restaurants and Dr’s appointments.

  9. So cool! Do you have any ideas for one year olds? We’re about to take a 15 month old boy across the world. 34 hrs of travel.

  10. Hi! I found your blog from Pinterest and noticed your daughter’s name is Grae. That is Our daughters middle name (spelled the same). I love it!

  11. For those looking for ideas for 1-2 year olds, just go on Pinterest and search “Quiet Book” or “Busy Book.” Tons of stuff on there.

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