Backyard Summer Camp: An eBook {& GIVEAWAY!}

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Want to know something fun??

Over the last month and a half or so, this little lady and I have been trying out all sorts of activities, games, and recipes and purposely keeping them a secret!

Want a peek?

Sneak Peek

Fun, right?!  So why have we not been sharing them here and on Instagram and Facebook like we usually do?  Good question. The reason we’ve been keeping them top secret is because many of them are actually part of a brand new ebook… A backyard summer camp ebook co-written by myself and 5 of my favourite kid bloggers from around the net!!

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The mamas who contributed to the project are seriously amazing and have come up with some of the most unique and fun looking activities I’ve seen in a while!  I’m so proud of the way it turned out and can’t wait to run our own little backyard summer camp once we’re back home in Canada.

So what’s inside?

First off, the program is based around 6 themes: camping {ours!}, flowers, monsters, the ocean, animals that hatch from eggs, and outer space.  Now for each of those themes, you’ll find 6 engaging activities – a game, a craft, a science experiment, a kid-friendly recipe, a math activity, and an art project, as well as a book list so that you can pop by your local library and stock-up on great books that coordinate perfectly with the themes.  The activities come with material lists, instructions for any prep work that may need to be done by parents in advance, and detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to do them with your child(ren), so they truly can be done by anyone {no need to be ‘crafty’ or ‘teacher-y’}.  And while our goal was to create activities that would be fun and engaging for kids ages 4 to 8, I think you could tack a year onto either side of that scale and still have some very happy kiddos.

Oh – and because the ladies I worked with are suckers for details just like me, also included in the ebook are fun extras like decorative pennants, camp award certificates, easy-to-follow shopping lists, and printable t-shirt logos {so fun}!

Now, what will this summer camp look like?

How you run your backyard summer camp is up to you.  Personally, we’ll probably select 6 weeks of our holiday to be our ‘summer camp time’ and go with a theme a week, with one special activity being done each day.  This sort of schedule will allow us to keep a nice slow summer pace with lots of time for other outings and adventures – not to mention the fact that our summer camp will pretty much take us through most of our vacation. That being said, if you want to run your camp in a more traditional format, you could easily do it all in one magical week – a theme a day and activities from morning until afternoon – which kid wouldn’t love that?

The last thing…  How much does it cost?

Honestly, we weren’t sure about this one, but went with $9.99 as we felt it was affordable for most families and well worth all of the time you’d save searching for and planning activities.

Ready to get started?  Purchase your copy of the Backyard Summer Camp ebook here:

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Or, if you’re feeling lucky, enter to win one of six FREE copies by filling out the form here:

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 Our lucky winners will be announced on May 12th, 2014.  Good luck!!

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