Tin Foil Boat Float

Tin Foil Boat Float | Mama Papa Bubba

While I don’t usually bring activities along on vacation with us, I knew a classic tin foil boat float would be an awesome way for Miss G and I to spend one of Sam’s nap times {not to mention that it’s a pretty perfect fit given the fact that we’re staying directly across from the water} and boy, was I ever right. 

IMG 8205

Grae absolutely loved the engineering aspect of the activity and it was so much fun to see her reflect, problem solve, and improve her design with each round.

IMG 8220

What I especially love about tin foil boat floats is that they give you a ton of bang for your buck…  A few simple things from around the house and you’ve got fun and creativity for ages!  Plus they’re a super fun last minute activity you can pull out while camping, hosting a play date, or even while stuck at home indoors on a rainy day.

IMG 8256

For all of the details on how I usually do this activity with kids, pop on over to CBC Kids and see our Classic Play Idea: Tin Foil Boat Float post.  


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