Spring Muffin Tin Scavenger Hunt

Spring Muffin Tin Scavenger Hunt | Mama Papa Bubba

Well hello, spring!  You have no idea how much we’ve been looking forward to you!  To celebrate, Miss G and put together this fun little spring muffin tin scavenger hunt and headed outside in search of the first signs of the season.

IMG 8009

While we’ve done this same activity before {years ago when Miss G was a wee little thing and had the sweetest chubby fingers}, this time around Miss G was able to prep our muffin tin entirely on her own, which made for double the fun.

IMG 8018

Of course this little guy wasn’t ever too far away… He was busy eating all the things and wanting all the things while standing as close to his big sister as possible {which is no surprise}.

This time around I created our very own hand drawn clipart, which is something I’ve been having fun doing lately and Miss G thinks is pretty cool.

IMG 8042

Here’s her scavenger hunt muffin tin done and ready to be taken outside!

For all of the details and our printable muffin tin images PDF, pop on over to CBC Parents and check out our Spring Muffin Tin Scavenger Hut post

IMG 8045

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  1. Hi! Could you provide an editable version of the scavenger hunt? That would be lovely! This is a great idea!

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