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Toddler Take Along Kit | Mama Papa Bubba

After making Miss G a big kid take along kit not long ago, I knew I needed to make one for Sam too.  And since we leave on a little spring break getaway tomorrow morning, today was the day!  Here’s our little toddler take along kit…

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Other than this super sweet little metal ‘adventure awaits’ tin {by Danica Studio US | CAN} that I purchased from Welk’s on Main Street, I bought absolutely nothing for this kit.  I simply went around the house and collected some small items that I knew would keep our busy boy happy while away for the week, but also while at restaurants, coffee shops, doctor appointments, and Sister’s swim lessons since the plan is to just keep these little kits in the car.

IMG 8050

Here’s what I picked…

First up, a little pad of construction paper {that I trimmed down so that it would fit nicely into the metal box}, a gem crayon, and a paintbrush.  The crayon is obviously good making marks on the paper, but it can be used on paper napkins and placemats at restaurants too.  The paintbrush is for water painting – the absolute simplest ever toddler activity and one of my favourites!  All you need is a little cup of water to dip the paintbrush in and you can ‘paint’ on the construction paper like this. And in addition to being painted on or drawn on, the paper can be scrunched, ripped, or turned into paper airplanes.

Next up, some bubbles because well, bubbles are magical.  These Pustefix ones {US | CAN} are the absolute best and you can pull them out while on a patio, while waiting at school pick-up time, or when visiting a beach or park.

Next, balls.  Balls because if you know our Sam well, balls are his favourite thing in the world.  I went with a couple of soft foam ones {US | CAN} because they’re super light, they won’t hurt anyone, and they’re small enough for the kit but not so small that he can fit them in his mouth. He loves to just carry these around with him, but they’ll be great for little games of pass, solo fetch, or for hiding under cups and napkins while at restaurants.

The other thing Sam loves?  Things that go!  This little blue pull back truck is actually one of his favourites and I just discovered that it’s also magnetic, which is sort of cool because it sticks to the tin.  And the random little wind up penguin {US | CAN}?  Well, because it’ll be fun for him to chase around floors and table tops.

Next up, a few teeny tiny books {US | CAN} for him to flip through and ‘read’.  I really have to catch his reading sound on camera – it’s so darn cute!

Alright, and lastly, some foam magnets {US | CAN} that Miss G was given in her ‘welcome to Kindergarten’ package because they’re fun paired with the metal box, some Love Child Organics Teefies because sometimes you just need a good time consuming snack, and the little Ikea finger puppets for finger plays and songs.

Now all that being said, you can obviously very easily customize this little take along kit to what your toddler enjoys most.  If he loves stickers, throw some of those in!  If blocks are her thing, tuck a couple of those in.  Really anything that isn’t going to make a ton of noise or mess is great if your little one really loves it.  When putting together portable play kits, I always try to think about what will give me the most bang for my buck. :)

IMG 8054

Once you’re done selecting your items, it’s time to start layering them up in the box.  Layer one…

IMG 8056


IMG 8057

And three!

IMG 8055
And then I just stuck the magnets directly to the inside of the lid.

IMG 8062

Here’s our finished toddler take along kit!  I’m not bringing any other toys or activities, so let’s hope that a) the weather is kind to us and we spend the majority of our time outdoors like I’m hoping to, and b) that the items in this little box keep him happy for the remainder of the time.

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