An Afternoon Along the River

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The weather is just too good to go straight home after school these days…  It was an unusually long and cold winter here in Vancouver and all I want to do now is be outside and soak up the sunshine.  Not to mention the fact that both of our kiddos are happiest when outdoors.  

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And so, I’ve been packing up whatever we need during Sam’s nap, grabbing Grae after school, and heading out somewhere fun instead.  It undoubtedly makes dinner a little rushed and less creative, but I don’t care – totally worth it in my books. {Hello, summer mode!}

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Today, we headed down to the River District with a picnic blanket, some watermelon, a ball, and a dump truck and snuck in a good dose of vitamin D before heading home to our usual after school routine of unpacking school bags, making dinner, tidying up, and giving baths and let me tell you – it was the perfect way to end the day.

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We went for a little walk, watched the tug boats pull their loads through the muddy water, played at the driftwood playground, and just hung out the three of us without having to get anything done.

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The last time we visited Sam was just a little bub that hung out on a blanket and snoozed under a tree, so it was so much fun to watch him explore and toddle around this time. Besides following his big sister into a “secret path” through the bushes and making many puppy friends, he tried to keep up with his big sis on the playground, and waved enthusiastically to every walker and biker as they passed by {so cute!}

IMG 0025

Miss G, on the other hand, found ladybugs and potato bugs, did some ‘nature research’, and completed every playground ‘challenge” I could come up with {no lounging on the picnic blanket for this mama!}

IMG 0035

Just look at these two, will you?? Nothing better than spending an afternoon outdoors with them. <3

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