Celebrating the Sun With A Trampoline Party

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You know what’s awesome about having a trampoline?  More motivation than ever to have friends over!  And with the summer sun officially here, we decided to host a little get together to celebrate.  The best part?  The kiddos happy playing outdoors for hours without any real effort on my part.  

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All Miss G and I did to prepare was put out some of her favourite snacks {energy balls, humus and dippers, Love Ducks, and alphabet pretzels, plus raisins for Sam} and we were ready to go.

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When our lovely friends from North Shore Mama, Bits of Bee, and One Smiley Monkey arrived, the munchkins went straight to taking turns jumping.

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I don’t think I’ve ever met a child who doesn’t love bouncing on a trampoline and that certainly holds try with all of the kiddos we’ve had over to jump since getting our Springfree not long ago.  {Heck, Brad and I even love jumping on it.}

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Now while it’s no secret some parents aren’t trampoline fans due to the horror stories they’ve heard about old school trampolines, what I love about Springfree is that most of the usual risks are eliminated.  Metal coil springs are replaced with flexible composite mat rods, the exposed frame is replaced with a hidden one that kids can’t hit, and the rigid net and steel poles {or lack there of} are replaced with a FlexiNet enclosure and flexible net rods, which makes me feel so much better about having people over to enjoy it.

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The other thing I love about having a trampoline? All of the fun little games kids come up with while playing on it.  These two little girlies turned the trampoline into a house for them and their pet dog and later on there was a very serious game of ‘the trampoline is lava’ with a few pillow islands thrown into the mix.

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And the basketball hoop attachment we have?  Always a hit.

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For lunch we decided to whip up these super last minute wholewheat pizza pretzels and they were gobbled up in no time.  You really can’t go wrong with bread, tomato sauce, and cheese, can you?

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After all of the kiddos had happy bellies, we decided to take out another new favourite – our giant Tick Tock Clock Parachute from Pacific Play Tents.

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Now while we’d played with this a couple times previously, my goodness – is it ever amazing with a big group of kiddos!  They knew a bunch of fun games from school, so we gave all of them a shot even if us mamas didn’t quite understand how to play or what the goal of the game was – hah!

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Afterwards it was straight back onto the trampoline, of course.
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Pretty sure we’ll be spending a good chunk of our summer out here and I can’t wait to have the next batch of friends over to enjoy it with us.

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Disclosure:  We received a free Springfree Trampoline in exchange for sharing its awesomeness with our followers.  All opinions are my own {of course!} and I wouldn’t share if we didn’t truly love it.  {Fun fact: the beach resort that was our second home in Kuwait had a Springfree Trampoline that we logged many, many hours on in the desert sun.}


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