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I can hardly believe that we’re through the first two weeks of school and into mid-September already…  I know it’s such a ‘mom thing’ to say, but time just seems to pass more quickly each year.  Here in Vernon we’ve already had our back to school BBQ, I’ve attended the first PAC meeting of the year, and Miss G will have her school photos taken this week. {Spoiler alert:  I know what happens next.  We’re all going to blink for just a split second and when our yes open, it’ll be time to prepare for Christmas.  Time is cruel like that.}  The good news is that Miss G is really enjoying her new school.  She really likes both her teacher and the helping teacher in her class, she’s made some lovely little friends, and she already seems to feel quite at home there, which is more than I could have hoped for this early on.

Everything is coming along.


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For me, the one thing I’m really looking forward to is getting our home {and lives in general} ORGANIZED.  While I’m absolutely loving the fact that we went with a BigSteelBox this time and are only bringing in small amounts of stuff and getting it all put away before bringing in more, I’m currently missing things like the school communication binder I keep for Grae.  Seriously though – where do I put school notices if I don’t have my handy dandy little school communication binder just yet?  {#nerdalert}

IMG 9426Just the fact that we’re two weeks into school and I haven’t yet emptied out and recycled last year’s papers is causing me to lose some serious sleep at night.  Hah! I kid, I kid, but seriously – I started using one of these binders when I first started teaching so that I could keep track of all of the things that *I* sent home to my kiddos’ parents and I still find it useful now as the parent myself.  Basically everything that comes home from school goes in this binder and if I’m ever looking for a form, a newsletter, or some sort of school info, I know exactly where to look.  It also means that I don’t have random papers scattered all throughout my kitchen, office, and junk drawer, which is always a win.

IMG 9428

Because I thrive on organization, I like to separate things in categories…

– start of the year info

– school newsletters

– class newsletters

– trip / event info

– notes from the teacher

{Obviously you can switch up the categories to best suit your needs.}

IMG 9430

At the back of the binder, I keep a little 3 hole punched pouch, which is where I store all of Miss G’s progress reports and report cards.  Her reports are the one thing that I don’t recycle each year…  I just add to the collection as they come home, which keeps everything in one spot.

IMG 9432

2 inch binder  |  dividers  |  pouch

IMG 9437

Once I’ve got last year’s stuff cleared out, the binder will go on my desk right next to my 3-hole punch as it usually does, so that it’s easily accessible and things get added in as they come home.

IMG 9439

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