Tape Pull Fine Motor Activity

Tape Pull Fine Motor Activity | Mama Papa Bubba

Fun fact?  When we were going back and forth between Canada and Kuwait regularly and spending our holidays travelling, one of my go-to occupy-Miss-G plane items was tape.  Washi tape usually, but I’d stash a roll of masking tape or painter’s tape in my bag in a pinch.  I know that seems weird, but honestly – there’s just so much fun to be had with a roll of tape!  You can rip off pieces and stick it on paper to create art, you can fashion crowns and bracelets and rings out of it, you can play tic-tac-toe on the meal tray using it, and if you’re quite little, you can simply stick it onto things and then pull it back up.  It’s fun, it’s no mess, and it’s fantastic for little ones’ fine motor skills!

This all came back to me in July when we were mid-pack, our playroom was mostly empty, and we had two kiddos that needed something to do while we shoved things in boxes like mad.  Thankfully we had plenty of tape on hand, so one afternoon I decided that I’d set out a little tape pull fine motor activity for Sam so I could get some packing done.

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IMG 0004

It was seriously the simplest thing to set up ever.  All I used was whatever tape I could find around the house, a pair of scissors, and a plastic bin we usually use for sensory play, but you could easily swap the bin out for a table top, a plastic tray, or even a kitchen floor.

duct tape  |  painter’s tape  |  decorative packaging tape  |  washi tape

IMG 0005

Then I just cut lengths of each type of tape, folded a tiny bit under on each side to make grasping the pieces more manageable, and stuck them on the top of our upside down sensory bin.

IMG 0007

Just like I used to do with Miss G, I left this out in the playroom for Sam to discover on his own – invitation to play style.

IMG 0008

IMG 0009

And it certainly didn’t take him long!  He spotted it, was immediately interested, and came over to investigate right away.

IMG 0010

The little tabs on each side made the tape perfectly graspable…  Just look at that pincer grip, would you?!

IMG 0014

As he peeled off the different bits of tape, I collected them from him and just held onto them so we could play again afterwards.

IMG 0021

And that’s exactly what we did.  When all of the pieces had been taken off, I pressed them all back onto the bin and the fun began all over again.

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