School Snacks You Can Batch Make Ahead of Time

School Snacks You Can Batch Make Ahead of Time | Mama Papa Bubba

Real talk?  I think I had a little bit of anxiety about Miss G heading back to school last week.  We knew we had to make a decision about what we’d do for schooling once in the Okanagan, but we spent the summer so caught up with buying a house and moving, we honestly didn’t officially decide which route we were going until the night before school started.  I thought our current state of transition was the perfect time to jump aboard the homeschool bus {something we’d decided we’d do if we were still in Kuwait when Miss G was ready for Kindy and something I think would be a perfect fit for Grae} and Brad thought it would be a total disaster that would result in me sleeping even less than I currently do and that she should just go to regular school as most kids do.  {Typical me, typical him.}  Miss G was firmly planted in the homeschool camp and always has been.

During our first couple of days in Vernon, we visited two schools – our catchment school and a nearby school that offers a montessori program.  Both were lovely and made us feel very welcome, and we decided to take the long weekend to think about it.  Gosh, talk about down to the wire. I think I spent the weekend sort of coming to terms with the fact that I just couldn’t make the leap into homeschooling without B on board, and so I cleaned, organized, grocery shopped, and batch baked through it like an absolute maniac.  As you do.

IMG 0172

I made a big batch of strawberry apple sauce, a double batch of almond bliss balls, a freezer full of strawberry yogurt tubes, a double batch of chocolate chia pudding, and turned an entire block of aged white cheddar into 1-ingredient cheese crisps.  I was going to whip up our favourite banana muffins and a couple of batches of fruit leather at about 11:30 p.m. the night before school started, but I eventually came to my senses and chilled the eff out.

See my 10 favourite make ahead school snack recipes.  

These are all things that a) keep really well,  b) my kids love, and c) are fairly nutritious.

In the end, we decided she’d attend our local catchment school.  It doesn’t give us the freedom, pace, or time together that I really hoped for, but she’s happy there, she’s made some great friends, and her teacher seems lovely, so we’re going with it for now.  The perk?  So far, school lunch making has been really easy. ;)

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3 thoughts on “School Snacks You Can Batch Make Ahead of Time

  1. You offer the best suggestions! I’ve been struggling with snack but I think we will make up some chia seed pudding for next week! Did you know that the link to the “10 favourite make ahead school snack recipes” is linking to your Instagram account? Just wanted to let you know. :)

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