{1 ingredient} Cheese Crisps

1 Ingredient Cheese Crisps | Mama.Papa.Bubba.

These little cheese crisps are Gracens ULTIMATE favourite snack.  We don’t make them that often, but when we do, they have to be kept in a high cupboard hidden from both Grae and Bradley if they have any chance of surviving more than a day or two.  They’re the kind of snack you pull out when your little one’s getting his or her hair cut, or when you’re attempting to complete a 10 kilometre seawall walk with your munchkin strapped into a stroller for an hour and a half.  The bonus is that they’re ridiculously easy to make and take all of 3 minutes from start to finish.

IMG 8423

All you need is some cheese (we normally use an all-natural cheddar and today we also tried some jalapeño havarti) sliced and cut into squares {the thickness doesn’t really matter – both thin and thick work perfectly} and a griddle or a frying pan and a stove top.

IMG 8427

We start with the griddle unplugged and off so that Miss G can help out like a little sous chef should.  Place the cheese squares on the griddle leaving plenty of space in between each (we placed ours too closely together today and ended up with a couple of GIANT cheese crisps).

IMG 8430

Once your cheese is on the griddle, plug it in and crank it up to 300 degrees {when we use the stove, we just start with a hot frying pan over medium heat}.

IMG 8431

Watch closely as the griddle begins to warm up and work its magic.

IMG 8435

Give it a few minutes so that all of the cheese is fully melted and bubbly. Here’s the key… For the first bit, the cheese will look melty and very oily (yes, gross).  But suddenly, the oil will seem to disappear and the cheese will look slightly browned, crunchy, and ‘dry’.  Dry is the key.  At this point, you want to use a spatula or flipper to remove the rounds from the griddle.  Place them on a couple of paper towels to cool and use another paper towel to gently blot any extra oil from the tops of the crisps (I despise using paper towel because it’s not at all environmentally friendly, but I have tried using a cloth towel, and it just doesn’t seem to do the job quite as well).

IMG 8449

When they’re done, your cheese crisps should look something like this.

IMG 8443

Give a couple to your toddler and watch her gobble them up like you haven’t fed her in a week.  Quickly hide the rest and hope they last longer than a day.


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18 thoughts on “{1 ingredient} Cheese Crisps

  1. Does this work with 2% cheese.. I have to eat lows at and this looks like great snack when you want something healthy and crunchy!

  2. I’m interested as well to know if you need to leave these in the fridge once cooked? Also, how long are they good for after making?

    1. Nope! No fridge required, Chelsea! We’ve kept them for as long as a few days in a sealed container on the counter, but never longer than that because they simply don’t stick around that long. :D

  3. We made these today & they were just as easy & delicious as you said they’d be. My 3 year old never tries new food but went nuts for them. They reminded me of bacon, actually. Thanks for the fun new take on a standard snack.

  4. These look terrific and I’d love to try making some. I don’t have a griddle though and I’m a bit confused about making them in the oven. Do you just put them on a baking sheet and bake at 300? Thanks!

    1. Hi Mary! If you don’t have a griddle, I suggest a frying pan on the stove. Works great and is quick and easy. They will work on a baking sheet in the oven too, but they take much longer and you have to have a really good quality pan for them not to stick.

    1. We keep ours in an air-tight container on the counter, Rosie. They’ll stay fresh longer than you can keep them around, that’s for sure. :)

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