Because I just can’t help myself…  Her first Easter took place in Kuwait, in 2012 and 2013 we were back at home in Canada, and now here she is in 2014 sitting back in the very same apartment in Kuwait.  Funny how things turn out sometimes…

Easter Over the Years


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Today was such a good day.

Would we like to be at home with our families for Easter?  Yes, absolutely.  But that’s not our reality right now and we’re so lucky to have a community here in desert that helps make holidays and celebrations feel special like they would at home, especially for Grae.  

IMG 7848
IMG 7850

IMG 7851

Our day started with an easter basket search and after working our way from one end of the apartment to the other, we found it hiding behind the shower curtain of the main bathroom – hah!  Grae took her time opening her goodies and testing them out / trying them on along the way…

IMG 7853

IMG 7856

Beside the basket, was a dark chocolate hen, which is by far the biggest, best treat she’s had in her lifetime. {Not to mention the fact that I found it in Paris and it came all the way back to the desert in Brad’s carry-on backpack!  Hey, when you find organic, fair-trade dark chocolate that is at least 70% and Easter-themed, you have to seize the opportunity. ☺}  Now off with her head!

IMG 7861

IMG 7862

IMG 7866

IMG 7868

IMG 7871

IMG 7885

IMG 7893

Before long, it was time to get ready for a courtyard Easter gathering planned by a few of the moms in the buildings…  The weather was gorgeous {despite the fact that it was already 37 degrees at 8:30 a.m.} and the kids had a wonderful time searching for eggs and treats and decorating and dyeing Easter eggs.  We finished off the festivities with a community brunch, then headed upstairs to cool off and enjoy some family time.

IMG 7896

IMG 7899

IMG 7901

IMG 7915

Gracen was super excited about all of the new goodies in her basket, so from Snakes & Ladders to play dough Easter eggs and painting, we tried it all.

IMG 7903

IMG 7905

IMG 7909

Then it was time to try and take an Easter photo…  How did it go?  Well, I’d say these photos speak for themselves, don’t they?  Clearly, time for a nap – much to our surprise, for all three of us!!

IMG 7920

Well rested, our little doctor donned her scrubs, and got to work helping patients.  Beware – the treatment of choice today seemed to be the ‘compromise’, which according to the doctor, consists of a regular check-up in combination with a vaccination.  Hah!

IMG 7924
IMG 7928

The afternoon was finished off with a little swim in the courtyard for Miss G, and some reading time for Brad and I, and a family dinner…  Happy Easter, everyone!


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Striped Egg Art | Mama Papa Bubba

Gracen is all about ‘decorating’ for upcoming holidays, which in our house normally means switching out the wreath on our apartment door, changing up the garland that hangs above the large couch in our living room, and maybe adding a few pieces of artwork to the wall above our creative space.  So with Easter not too far away, new decorations are needed asap. Our first project, this striped egg art, is very similar to our paper strip handprint art and is very easy while beautiful at the same time. (more…)

Healthier Dark Chocolate Dipped Rice Crispy Eggs | Mama Papa Bubba

It’s hard to believe that it’s already almost Easter… {Ummmm, wasn’t it January just a couple of days ago?! I’m certain it was.}  Either way, it’s about time Miss G and I get busy with some Easter fun, and we decided we’d start with baking up something delicious in the kitchen along with our friends from Hillary with two Ls {please} and Little Miss Mama.  As usual, we started with a totally non-healthy recipe {this one for Rice Krispie Treat Speckled Eggs} and then worked our magic on it to make it sugar-free and more whole foods based.  While we concocted a delicious healthier version of rice crispy treats over a year ago {and even formed them into rice crispy treat eggs last Easter}, this time I wanted to try something new.   (more…)

What a day.

Shortly after waking up, we decided we’d get ready and head out to the Eiffel Tower nice and early before the crowds made it there.  We still hadn’t decided whether or not we’d go up, but we thought we’d play it by ear and decide once there.  {When planning the trip, I knew I wanted to take Miss G to see the the tower, but going up didn’t seem that 3 year old friendly given the long queues and general crowdedness.  That being said, after talking with a friend, I was wavering based on the fact that it may be a once in a lifetime for Miss G. Brad, on the other hand, wasn’t interested in the least.  We went up during our trip in 2008, and though it is truly breathtaking up there, he figured it wouldn’t be as exciting for Grae.  That and he figured that this was fairly certainly not going to be the only time she visits Paris in her lifetime.}

IMG 7142 (more…)

After a 4:30 a.m. wake up call from Miss G {and a couple of hours of quiet time thereafter}, we brushed our teeth, threw on some clothes, and headed to the little bakery on the corner for some fresh bread treats.  While Gracen chose a baguette aux noix, Brad and I opted for a regular baguette (so good!) and we headed down the street to our local park. The blossoms were prettier than ever and we had the place to ourselves, which was a perfect way to start the day.

IMG 7004 (more…)

After 15 hours of travel and arriving into Paris late last night, we spent the night at a hotel pretty much right at the airport.  Though sort of accidental, it worked out well.  We all got a good night’s rest before making our way into the city and therefore had {slightly} more patience while tackling the not so stroller-friendly train system.  We arrived at the flat Brad and I stayed at during our very first spring break abroad just before lunchtime, got somewhat settled, and then headed out on the day’s adventures – walking down cobblestone streets, soaking in the sunshine, admiring cherry blossom trees, eating baguettes wrapped in brown paper, and stopping at parks and playgrounds along the way.  This was our day…

IMG 6915

A bedroom with a view. (more…)

Mama  Munchkin Creative Space | Mama Papa Bubba

Some of my very favourite moments with Miss G happen when we’re sitting side-by-side creating. Whether we’re working on a collaborative project or each doing our own thing, I feel like we do some of our best bonding while creating beside one another.  Sometimes we sit, hands busy, in silence, and other times we have in-depth conversations about serious / random / ridiculous things.  This in mind, I knew that I wanted to create a special mama and munchkin creative space in our new apartment in Kuwait.  A place for us to keep our supplies out – ready to be used.  A place where projects-in-progress could be left out day after day.  A place to showcase our work. (more…)