Loving Lumby

IMG 3962The one thing we really hoped for when preparing for our trip to the Okanagan was snow.  Lucky for us, Lumby has plenty!

IMG 3964After a lazy morning, we layered Gracen up, put her in the sled Grandma Charlotte had borrowed from a friend, and headed out for a walk.

IMG 3968Gracen LOVED being pulled in the sled.  Especially when Papa ran and her little sled zoomed down the icy road.

IMG 3979Although she’s terrified of Bella when she gets too close,  she quite likes when she’s nearby.

IMG 4003When we went to head, Grae frantically started signing “More! More!”

IMG 4019So we found a snowy little slope…

IMG 4027Here she goes!

IMG 4029Wheeeeeeee!

IMG 4030So much fun.

IMG 4044Despite the cold, our little snow bunny enjoyed every minute.  I’m almost certain we’ll be doing the same thing again tomorrow afternoon.  :)

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