Mooooore Muffins!

IMG 5160We got some great news this morning and fresh muffins were needed for the occasion, stat.

IMG 5164Gracen’s becoming a pro at muffin making.

IMG 5172The secret ingredient in this recipe?  Whole greek yogurt!

IMG 5186The highlight for this little object transferring fiend?  Moving the blueberries, one by one, from the plastic container into the bowl.

IMG 5171Baking is just so much fun!

IMG 5193Prepping the pan is Grae’s specialty.

IMG 5196Next step?  Sprinkling cinnamon sugar on the muffin tops!

IMG 5199In the oven they go.

IMG 5202While waiting, my little baker kept busy at the gorgeous easel she got from her Uncle Gary for Christmas.

IMG 5211‘They’re reeeeaaaady, Mama!’

IMG 5215The finished product ready to be packed up and taken to our friends (explanatory post coming soon!)

The recipe we used can be found here.  Now this recipe is from the Pioneer Woman…  And although I never really follow recipes as they are, you just don’t mess with Pioneer Woman.  Why?  Because she is the QUEEN of cooking. That’s why. We did, however, replace half of the blueberries with raspberries, and add a splash of milk and a little cinnamon.  Shhh..  Don’t tell.

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