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IMG 3238I must admit, I’ve been terrible about sticking with Gracen’s regular bedtime lately.  There’s really no excuse, but the extra sunlight at the end of the day, paired with the beautiful weather we’ve had lately, has made it tempting to stay outdoors a little later.  The result is a late dinner, a late bath, and a late bedtime.  Which wouldn’t be terrible if she made up the extra time by sleeping in a little the next day, but that doesn’t happen.  Our little early bird wakes up at 6:30 a.m. regardless, and if she hasn’t gotten her full 12 hours of sleep, she can be a little off for the remainder of the day.  Such was the case today.  By 9:30, she was ready for a nap on the way out to South Surrey for our shopping date with Steph and Baby Tate.

IMG 0839She woke up a short 15 minutes later when we arrived at our destination and was a bit of a grumpypants.  Luckily, visiting with Baby Tate and playing in the kids section of Indigo! are immediate mood lifters.

IMG 0852The four of us grabbed coffee (steamed milk for Miss G of course), visited, and did some shopping.  Together, Grae and I picked out this sweet little dress for one of the upcoming weddings we have planned for this summer.  I loved the colours and she loved the pockets {that can be filled with nuts}, so it was an easy pick.  She also got to pick out a pair of on-sale flip flops and this heart-covered pair was the natural choice.  She was so excited about her new goodies that she insisted she try them on as soon as we walked in the door.

IMG 0913Is there anything cuter than ten tiny toes in a pair of flip flops?  I doubt it.  ☺

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