Apple cars are one of Gracen’s all-time favourite snacks.  Since we’re heading out on vacation tonight and today’s goal was to eat up as much of our produce as possible, I decided we’d take the apple car idea to a new level and use other kinds of fruit too.IMG 5388

Miss G riffled through the crisper and found kiwi, apples, and nectarines (perfect for car bodies) and blueberries and grapes (perfect for wheels). While fruit cars don’t really lend themselves to a ton of toddler participation, Gracen was my official passer and counter. First, we cut thin slices of kiwi, apple, and nectarine, then we chopped the grapes in half.  Since the blueberries were already quite flat, we just left them as is. Gracen’s favourite part was taking the spaghetti noodles and breaking them in small pieces – a job that’s easy and perfectly safe for toddlers.
IMG 5392Grae carefully passed me spaghetti pieces one at a time and I poked one through the front and back of each car body.IMG 5393

Next, we added our wheels.  Two on one side…
IMG 5395And two more on the other side.IMG 5397

Soon we had a whole fleet of little fruit cars.
IMG 5400

Snack time!IMG 5404

But before you can eat them, you have to zoom each one around the plate of course.
IMG 5406Then carefully disassemble the cars and neatly pile the spaghetti sticks on the table…IMG 5405

Then eat!  A perfect snack for a summer’s day.

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