Despite the poor weather forecast, we woke up to a GORGEOUS, sunshiny Canada day.  And thank goodness, because what would Canada Day be without picnics, playgrounds, and outdoor concerts?  We spent our morning at Davison Orchards (again!) with friends and our afternoon at Polson Park with Gido, Grandma Charlotte, and a visit from “my Vernon kids” (a family I babysat for from the time I was 12 years old until I was 25!), and then finished the day off with a pizza party in Grandma Sue’s backyard.  Could we have asked for a better day? I think not.IMG 6062

Gracen and Kinslee, ready to celebrate.

IMG 6066Very happy to be back at Davison Ochards’ Kiddie Corral.

IMG 6068Taking in the view.

IMG 6069Spish splash.

IMG 6071Wheeeee!

IMG 6072Kinslee and Uncle Gary inspecting the duck run.

IMG 6073‘I spy a donkey, Mama.’

IMG 6076Sheep feeding with ‘Auntie’ Hayley and Sloan.

IMG 6082Love.

IMG 6092Munchkins! Gracen, Sloan, Korbin, and Kins.

IMG 6099Although not thrilled about it, Chay joined us for a group shot too.

IMG 6107Polson water park fun!

IMG 6104Loving every minute.

IMG 6109Swinging in her swimsuit.

IMG 6118Cousins.

IMG 6123Happy Canada Day, everyone!

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