Take Me Out to the Ball Game

IMG 6494Although Gracen watches very little television, one thing that kind of slips under the radar is watching sports with her Papa.  For the last couple of months now, they’ve been all about baseball. Brad gives her a simple play-by-play of the game, and she tells him what she sees and shouts “Run, run, run!!!” as the players make their way around the bases. We’ve even started singing ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game’ as a bedtime song. It’s pretty cute that she’s so into it.

IMG 6498With this newfound interest in baseball, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to take Grae to her first live game. And today that day finally arrived.

IMG 6495Being that the afternoon games start at 1 and last a few hours, we decided that Bradley would go for the start of the game with Uncle Brett, Grae would have her usual 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. nap, and she and I would join halfway through.  Of course, on the rare day that we planned something for right after her nap, my little consistent as can be 2 hour napper slept for an extra half hour.  Not to worry though, we scored a sweet parking spot and arrived at the top of the 5th inning with plenty of game left to enjoy.

IMG 6496When we first sat down {in our very crowded row surrounded by people chanting and shouting} Grae was a little overwhelmed, but she quickly settled on my lap and enjoyed her bag of stove-top popcorn while watching the game as if it was what she does every saturday afternoon.

IMG 6502IMG 6505Although she was very interested in the game, she was equally interested in the bear mascots that came out in between innings.  Motioning with her little pointer, she called out “Clum, clum bear!” (come, come bear!) in hopes of one coming our way. When they’d head off the field instead, she sadly say, “More bear. More bear, please, Mama.”

IMG 6510
IMG 6513Despite the bears not complying with her requests, she contently took in the game, shifted from lap to lap, gobbled up ALL of the special ball game treats I’d packed for her (stove-top popcorn, 2 ingredient ice cream – both banana and mango, in-shell peanuts, and an energy bite), and made friends with other fans until the game came to an end.

IMG 6516IMG 6517IMG 6521IMG 6523Afterwards, we made our way down to the field for a few pictures and a closer view of the bears.  Kids were actually invited to run the bases during this time, but it didn’t look like parents could accompany their munchkins and we were a little unsure that she’d know what to do. Next summer, maybe!

IMG 6525She did, however, get a close encounter with the Canadians bear, who was {of course} much cooler when looking much smaller from further away.

IMG 6526In the end, we left with a little lady begging for “More ball” and a promise to be back very soon. And that we will.


While we’re on the topic of kids loving baseball, I recently had the opportunity to learn a little bit about a very special program the Vancouver Canadians Baseball Foundation (VCBF) is hosting this summer.  Built on the belief that every child has the right to play ball, regardless of conditions that are beyond their control, the VCBF, along with the Boys and Girls Clubs of South Coast BC, are bringing more than 300 children from across the Lower Mainland to the historic Nat Bailey Stadium to take part in the first mini league of its kind.  The children will be coached and mentored by local sports personalities and community figures while playing weekly ball games in an atmosphere that promotes collaboration and fair play. In addition to this wonderful opportunity, the kids involved will receive free equipment, meals, transportation, and weekly talks by inspiring athletes and leaders geared towards promoting self-esteem and leadership skills. Not only will this experience create a magical summer for these kids, but it will also create new friendships and lasting memories.

KIds at Fence Duotone 1

For more information on this unique program, click here.

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