iPhoneography // Accidental IKEA Morning

Somehow a quick fan stop at Home Depot became a morning at IKEA. Oopsies! I blame it on Grae… Clearly she’s the one that loves the place. ☺

Untitledmoving in // lounging

bed tester // “blankie, Mama?”

no hands // soup taster

hiding // new fabric

convinced Mama to buy restaurant food // first ever white flour pancake

Taken with Instagram. Find me under jkossowan.

4 thoughts on “iPhoneography // Accidental IKEA Morning

    1. I’ve had my eye on those egg-shaped chairs for a long while now, and I have to say, I agree! For a store where most everything is quite reasonably priced, $80 seems like too much to me too! I also don’t like the fact that they only come in red and blue (although I did see one that someone spray painted with that new Krylon paint for plastics, and it looked great!)

      1. *Everything* else in Ikea is a steal. Reasonable prices, great products – I LOVE those egg chairs and want to buy them for the girls, but there is no way in high heaven that I will be spending $160 on two *kids* chairs.

  1. I hear ya! I have seen them on Kijiji and Craigslist quite a bit though… Have you ever checked? They’re normally about 40 bucks a pop, which still isn’t that cheap, but half price is better than full! :)

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