Toddler Food: What Miss G Eats {18}

Some of the things Miss G has been eating as of late…

IMG 6182Breakfast // Breakfast sandwich (organic egg and aged cheddar on a multigrain thin bun). Black plum slices.

IMG 6577Breakfast // Coconut chia cereal (chia seeds and organic coconut milk).

IMG 6421Breakfast // Cantaloupe. Cottage cheese. Birdie toast with all-natural almond butter.

IMG 6269Breakfast // Seedy bagel thins with all-natural peanut butter and cream cheese. Strawberry slices.

IMG 6634Breakfast // Breakfast sandwich (wholewheat English muffin, jalapeño jack, and an organic egg). Blackberries. Orange slices.

IMG 6179Snack // Garden peas (a new favourite!)

IMG 6226Snack // Homemade strawberry applesauce.

IMG 6425Snack // Organic brown rice cakes with toppings (all-natural peanut butter and apple slices, mashed avocado and extra old cheddar, all-natural cream cheese and strawberry slices).

IMG 6352Snack // Garden strawberries.

IMG 6386Snack // All-natural almond butter and raisin roll-up.

IMG 6395Snack // Garden carrots.

IMG 6327Lunch // Smashed avocado and chickpea roll-up. Kale chips. Blackberries.

IMG 6353Snacks & Lunch // Dried apricot and apple rings. Strawberries and blackberries. Mary’s Organic Crackers and cheddar cheese curds. Almond butter and apple roll-up. Garden peas and carrots.

IMG 6399Lunch // Chicken and veggie soup. Mary’s Organic Crackers.

IMG 6614Lunch // Herbed chickpea and garden veggie pasta salad.

IMG 6176Dinner // Southwest shredded chicken chili with old cheddar and fresh cilantro. (Similar recipe here.)

IMG 6408Dinner // Salsa-baked chicken on orzo, toasted pine nuts, and feta. Steamed broccoli. (A meal idea stolen from my sister-in-law.)

IMG 6350Dinner // Grilled chicken. Corn on the cob. Kale chips. Fingerling potatoes with fresh dill.

IMG 6357Dinner // Veggie and tofu stir-fry on wholewheat soba noodles.  Corn on the cob.

IMG 6409Drink // Watermelon lime slushie.

IMG 6575Drink // Strawberry flax smoothie.

IMG 6637Drink // Fruit water.

7 thoughts on “Toddler Food: What Miss G Eats {18}

  1. Wow, I wish my son would eat like this. I’m still blaming teething, although I don’t know how much longer I can keep it up.. The food looks amazing. Lucky kiddo!

    1. Aw, I’m sorry. I know how difficult it can be to have a picky eater. My nephews are VERY picky and it certainly makes for stressful mealtimes! Good on you for blaming teething! It’s the perfect excuse for everything. Not sleeping through the night yet? Teething. Short nap today? Teething. Grumpy? Teething. Won’t share? TEETHING! :)

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