On the Last Day of Being One

Tonight, on the eve of my little angel’s second birthday, I did my best to savour the seemingly insignificant moments that make up our everyday lives together.  The little things… The squeal of excitement she lets out when jumping into the bath.  The fact that she insists on running around the house naked and giggling as soon as she exits the tub. The way she received her new footie jammies as though she was the luckiest little girl in the world. The delight she got out of bursting into Grandma’s backyard in her pajamas when it’d normally be bedtime. The little gallop she’s mastered and saves for times of excitement. The tight hug I got in exchange for a little playtime as the sun was going down… All of the little things that make our happy, sweet hearted little lady her.

IMG 8796IMG 8797IMG 8798


IMG 8800IMG 8806IMG 8801

IMG 8811
IMG 8820
IMG 8831IMG 8821With a camera full of photos and the grass sufficiently brushed off her pajamas, we headed inside, and slowly made our way through her usual bedtime routine.  Tonight, when she asked for just one more story, I read it to her more than happily. We snuggled a little longer than usual, sang our normal bedtime songs twice, and when she asked for “More kiss!” each time I had almost closed the door, I went back, again and again… Because tonight is the last night my little girl is one and these little moments pass by all too quickly.

Tomorrow the shiny new world of two opens up, and if it’s anything like this last year’s been, I’ll continue to wear my heart outside of my body, a proud mama watching her baby grow up into the most wonderful, kind-hearted little girl imaginable…  And for that, I’m so very lucky.

5 thoughts on “On the Last Day of Being One

  1. Oh my goodness! This is so touching and well written Jen. My son is quickly approaching his 1st birthday and this brought tears to my eyes just thinking of how much he has changed and how the year has just flown by. Wonderful, Thank you.

    1. Having your little one grow up before your eyes is incredible and heartbreaking all at once, isn’t it? Happy soon-to-be birthday to your little man. :)

  2. Wow, Jen, this is an amazing, beautiful post. Just think of when Gracen is older and can read this! What a wonderful gift for her. :)

  3. Such an amazing thing you are doing for Gracen Jennifer. As I sit here and read this and remember seeing her for the first time just minutes after her birth, I know just how fast the first two years have gone. I also know just how quickly her Mom grew up and how quickly the years flew by. You are such an awesome person and such an awesome Mother and I am so proud to call you my daughter. I am so blessed to have Gracen, Korbin Jack, Chayton John and Kinslee for Grandchildren. Although I don’t get to be with you and your brother and your spouses and all these beautiful children as much as I would love to, you are all always in my heart. My life is so much richer with all of you in it. I love you all with all my heart! (as I wipe my tears, I realize I must have done something right when I watch you and Gary with your children.) Thanks for the memories!!!!

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