An Okanagan Wedding

Today, Gracen and I got dolled up and headed over to the beautiful Mackie House for the wedding of my good friend Karli.  The weather was the perfect blend of warm and breezy, the venue was gorgeously set overlooking the lake, the ceremony space was filled with beautiful little details, and the bride absolutely stunning.  It really couldn’t have been a better afternoon.

Knowing that she’d appreciate the time to walk around and explore before having to settle in on a seat, Grae and I arrived plenty early.  We picked a couple of aisle seats in the shade of a giant old tree, placed our belongings on them, and explored the grounds for a while.  When it was time to begin, Grae climbed up onto her seat, enjoyed some of the special snacks I’d tucked into my purse for the occasion, and quietly smiled and waved to the guests sitting around us.  Before we knew it, the bride and groom were announced husband and wife, the crowd let out a huge applause (Grae’s favourite part), and it was time to mingle on the grass.  Gracen was reunited with her good buddy Sloan, whom we haven’t seen in a while, and the two were inseparable.  They celebrated with countless hugs, kisses, and healthy dose of hand holding.  It was cuteness OVERLOAD.

Here’s our afternoon in photos… 

IMG 8898‘Found my seat.’

IMG 8905Off to explore.

IMG 8914Patiently waiting.

IMG 8922Loving the paper fans.

IMG 8928‘Mama, Grae Grae climb dis tree?’

IMG 8931Greeting the bride.

IMG 8935‘Oh Sloan, how I’ve missed  you!’

IMG 8939Kisses.

IMG 8949Pretty girls.

IMG 8945High school besties 17 years later…

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  1. This is such an adorable and helpful article, thanks so much! I wish you both a long and happy life together. And my partner is a fool that will lose me soon. He bought me a chocolate bar for my birthday, while my friends get diamonds!

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