Homemade Household Objects Puzzle

After nap time today, Grae actually came up to me and said, “Do fun ac-ti-vi-tee?”  Funny little duck.  Yes, baby girl, we can always do a fun ac-ti-vi-tee.  In fact, that’s why I’m constantly adding to my Toddler Activities Pinterest board.  For moments just like these.

I love the idea behind this simple sun bleached puzzle, but because the sun wasn’t shining all that much in our neck of the woods today (and because it takes a couple days time to create), we decided to make our own ready-in-an-instant version, sans the sun. ☺

IMG 9365

First up, Gracen helped me collect our materials… A piece of large black card stock, a silver sharpie (a white/yellow/silver/gold crayon or pencil crayon would work too), and an assortment of flatish objects from around the house.

IMG 9367

Next, we traced the objects onto the card stock.  Grae helped with tracing a couple of the objects, but for the most part, she was very content with watching me trace and announcing the names of the objects and the shapes they left on the paper.

IMG 9368

Here’s what our household objects puzzle looked like when we’d traced all of the objects.


IMG 9376

IMG 9379

Miss G got busy matching right away.  I swear she lives for stuff like this.  In between shape and object names, she kept repeating “Fun game. Mama (and) Grae Grae make FUN game”.

IMG 9384

Finished! (I spy toes.)


Celebration dance in order.

Here’s a little video of her being silly on her second time through…

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  1. Hey there Jen! Just found your blog through somewhere LOL and am happy I have! We are trying the toilet paper rolls stamps today for some cards LO wants to make for her friends at school. So, thank you for that simple inspiration! One thing I wanted to let you know, is that the Toddler Pinterest board Link above seems to be broken in someway. When clicked I received an Error message with the option to go back to your page ;) that’s the good part ;) If you’d like to correct & delete my message here, that’s ok with me. I just figured this might be the fastest way to reach you! Besides, at least you know we’re following the links you take time to post, AND READING them too! Happy Weekend!
    Jeanine H, at
    J9sOpinion.com (my mommy blog)

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