Pike Place Market

This morning we headed downtown to the quintessential Seattle destination… Pike Place Market.  I’ve always loved strolling slowly through the market and out onto the nearby streets, and I knew Gracen would too.  Live music, flowers, fresh treats, and flying fish… What’s not to love?

Here’s our morning in photos…

IMG 0607IMG 0609IMG 0612IMG 0613IMG 0615IMG 0616IMG 0617IMG 0618IMG 0622IMG 0620IMG 0625Nut loverIMG 0630IMG 0634IMG 0641

Topping the favourites list? Watching fresh fish fly through the air to slippery-handed market visitors was without a doubt her favourite, and coming in a close second? Devouring the roasted nuts she was more than willing to be strapped into her stroller in order to eat.

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