Quotes of the Day

This morning, Miss G and I started our day cuddling and reading books in our master bed as we always do.  Brad was already at work and I went to the washroom for a minute and returned to find Gracen typing away in the email app on my phone. I gave her a little ‘what are you up to?’ look, and she immediately responded with…

“Grae Grae missin’ Papa.  Grae Grae send ‘im (him) one of deez (these).”


Later on in the morning, while on a quick trip to the mall, we stopped at the washroom.  I asked her if she needed to go pee and she said…

No, thank you.  Gracen just perfect. No pee.

 (“Just perfect?! Where does she get this stuff?”)


After discovering that my debit card was not in my wallet as we went to pay for something, we headed home {a tad bit annoyed}.  I must have been a little quiet in the car because Miss G piped up from the back with… 

“Mama’s debit card at home. Mama upset ’bout dat.”


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