Pint-Sized Patriots Fan

To say that Brad is a Patriots fan would be an understatement.  A huge understatement.  So when they come from New England to play in Seattle once every four years, we go.  Simple as that.  Last time, we were living in Kuwait and managed to swing a stop in Seattle on the way home for Christmas vacation… And this time we got to take our little girl to her first ever football game.  

IMG 0646IMG 0649IMG 0651Being that the game started at 1:00 and we needed to arrive at noon, I knew it wouldn’t be an easy outing for Miss G.  With her normal lunch time being just before noon and her usual nap time being between noon and 1:00, we were pushing it to say the least.  Since Grae was born, we’ve always put her sleep ahead of outings and events, so skipping a nap or sleeping while out and about just aren’t things she’s used to.  But…. If you can’t delay nap time for a live Patriots game, then what can you delay one for then, right? ☺

IMG 0654IMG 0663We came armed with the Ergo, a yummy lunch, tons of special treats (roasted cashews, apple chips, just fruit fruit snacks, and wholewheat bunny crackers), a pair of Baby Banz Earmuffs, and a few little activities to keep her busy and hoped for the best.  

IMG 0660IMG 0657IMG 0667IMG 0679It was an awesome game, and despite the fact that the Pats were ahead by quite a bit for most of it, it was one of those games where you just knew anything could happen.

IMG 0675IMG 0664Despite the great game, Grae was more interested in eating, climbing on and off chairs, watching the neighbouring fans, and the ‘dancing pink ladies’ (the cheerleaders with pink boots) than anything else.  She did fairly well considering the circumstances, but I’d be lying if I said it was easy to wrangle an overtired, squirmy two year old without a seat of her own for a three hour game during her normal nap time.  All I have to say is thank goodness for Grandma Charlotte’s purse full of goodies during the last quarter… A package of Band-Aids quickly became our best friend.

IMG 0680Sadly, the Patriots weren’t playing their best, and in the {crazy} last minute and a half of play, the Seahawks got control of the ball, scored a touchdown, and won the game by one point. Ugh. Not what we were hoping for, but what can you do?

IMG 0685On the plus side, Grae fell asleep almost immediately once we started walking out of the stadium and caught up on a few much needed moments of sleep.

Next time we attend a Patriots game, Gracen will be in Grade One… How crazy is that?!  

Until next time, Patriots…

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