Puzzle Piece Wreath Ornament

Puzzle Piece Wreath OrnamentNot too long ago, Miss G ‘s advent calendar pouch included jigsaw puzzle pieces and the instructions required to make a snowflake ornament.  Gracen really enjoyed the project and loves her sparkly snowflake hanging on the tree, so she was excited to find more puzzle pieces and a note saying that they could be used to make a wreath ornament today.

IMG 3586This time, we started with an ‘O’ shaped cardboard base.  Gracen glued her puzzle pieces (this time using just regular white glue) onto the cardboard doughnut, overlapping them as she went along.

IMG 3589When the ‘O’ was covered to her liking, we set it aside to dry for a while.

IMG 3592Later in the day, she came back and painted the puzzle piece wreath all green.  She quickly discovered that dabbing the paint on gave much better coverage than brushing it on, so she went with that method.

IMG 3599When she was done painting, we let the wreath dry again.

IMG 3601Next came the really fun part – decorations!  She chose magenta sequins as holly berries, but you could easily use buttons, mini pompoms, foam circles, or dot stickers too.  Just add some dots of glue to the wreath and pop your decorations on.

IMG 3697The last step was adding a little ribbon bow I’d quickly made for her… Regular white glue worked just fine for this job too.

Later on in the evening, once the frontside was dry, I flipped it over and added a ribbon loop using my glue gun (I had it out already – you could just as easily use white glue or craft glue) and the pretty little ornament was ready for hanging.

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  1. Thanks for all your wonderful posts! My two year old son and I check your site daily! He always asks to see “Pickchas of pwetty baybee”. Happy Holidays! :)

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