Ice Cream Shop {Using Ice Cream Dough}

Ice Cream Shop with Ice Cream Dough

After making a few batches of ice cream dough this afternoon, Gracen and I set up a simple little ice cream shop in the living room.  We used an old wooden apple crate for her table top and made sure the floor was protected with a large bath towel.

IMG 5074

Then we went around the house to collect a few other items.  First up – ice cream cones.  Yes, the real ones…  We had them on hand from her 2nd birthday party and they’d never be used otherwise, so may as well use them for some fun pretend play, right?

IMG 5075

Of course, for customers not partial to cones, you need to have a bowl option.  These silicon baking cups did the job perfectly.

IMG 5076

Next, we gathered up some spoons and an ice cream scoop…

IMG 5073

As well as some buttons, beads, and straw pieces for candies and candy sprinkles.

IMG 5082

And with that, our little ice cream shop owner got to work.

IMG 5093

IMG 5091

There was plenty of scooping, touching, smelling, and exploring to be done.

IMG 5084

Of course the ice cream treats rolled out of the shop one after another too.  A hazelnut ice cream cone for Papa…

IMG 5099

And a strawberry ice cream cup {with extra candy sprinkles!} for Mama.

IMG 5088

This was such a simple set-up, but I can already tell that she’s going to get hours of fun out of it.  Of course, it’s more than just fun…  This little ice cream shop incorporates pretend play, a sensory experience, and creativity too.

IMG 5090

And if you love ice cream and pretend play, check out our play dough ice cream shop too!

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