Play Dough Frozen Yogurt Shop

Play Dough Frozen Yogurt Shop

I’ve had this little idea in mind ever since Gracen received her ice cream sand toys back at the beginning of summer, and today was a perfect day to make it happen… With it being cool and dreary here in Vancouver, spending the afternoon on a wet beach making sand cones didn’t sound overly appealing…  Making yummy-smelling play dough ones in the warmth of our house, however, certainly did.  Not to mention the fact that Grae fell in love with playing ‘the ice cream game’ at our community centre’s playground recently, so opening an ice cream shop (which Grae quickly decided should be a frozen yogurt shop instead) it was.

IMG 9845

With our best ever no cook scented play dough made and a few things collected from around the house, our shop was ready for business.

IMG 9848

Our play dough went into some empty yogurt containers we had on hand…

IMG 9849

We made candy sprinkles by chopping up some colourful plastic straws we had leftover from Miss G’s birthday party

IMG 9850

Colourful buttons became Smarties…

IMG 9852

And some silicone baking cups and the plastic cones from Grae’s Melissa & Doug set became our cups and cones.

IMG 9853

We also collected  some scoops and spoons for eating and serving our frozen treats, some coins and a money jar, and fabric bunting {also from the birthday party} to spruce up the shop. ☺

IMG 9855

Together, we wrote made a quick sign for our shop.  I asked Grae how much one of her frozen yogurt treats cost, and without skipping a beat, she said “Two!”  So two dollars it was…

Cone Making

IMG 9860

IMG 9862

With her shop set up and ready to go, it was down to business welcoming her customers (me!), making delicious-looking play dough treats, and collecting money in exchange.

IMG 9878

Not a fan of cones?  Not a problem – a bowl for you!

IMG 9883

Cheers to rainy days and frozen treats!

Ice Cream Making

IMG 9896

The frozen yogurt fun went on all afternoon…

IMG 9913And after what felt my 53rd order, Papa eventually came home and relieved me of my customer duties (thank goodness – I don’t know if my belly could have handled another candy-covered cone).

Here’s a little video of our frozen yogurt shop owner in action…
 We finally closed the shop tonight just before bedtime (despite pleas from the very reluctant shop keeper) and you can bet I’ll have a play dough cone in hand long before I have a chance to make a proper breakfast tomorrow morning…
And I’m okay with that.

8 thoughts on “Play Dough Frozen Yogurt Shop

    1. You guys will have SO MUCH FUN! Our little shop stayed around for weeks and was played with daily! I’m thinking of doing another one again soon, but this time, a cupcake shop!

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