Little Miss Helpful

IMG 6552Mama’s little helper proudly putting away her new treats.

While we’ve had our fair share of trying moments lately, one thing that hasn’t changed is Grae’s genuine desire to be helpful.  Sometimes I think I forget that she’s only two.  I often expect her to want to help and want to be responsible for her own things, and because she almost always happily does both, I forget that all two year olds aren’t this same way.  

Some of the things she almost always does with a smile on include helping put away groceries, putting her hats, shoes, and jackets away, helping put away her clean laundry, getting herself dressed, helping with cooking and baking, tidying up her own toys, putting away her books, helping with recycling, putting her dirty laundry away, and preparing to leave the house by putting required items by the door.  I’m sure there are more that I’m forgetting, but that’s still quite a bit for a little person who’s been on the planet less than 1000 days.  

I hope she’s always as helpful as she is now at two and a half.


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