Crispy Rice Treat Eggs

Crispy Rice Treat EggsOur healthier {butter and marshmallow-free} version of rice crispy treats have been a huge hit in our house since we first created them a few months ago.  For Valentine’s Day we made a heart-shaped strawberry version, and I knew I wanted to come up with an Easter version too.  As it tends to, my mind went to getting more use out of the plastic eggs I still feel guilty about buying (even though we reuse them year after year, use them for sensory play, turn them into bath tub toys, and make fun popsicles with them).

IMG 7655While I had grand plans of creating a little hallow in the centres of the eggs and placing a couple of small treats in the middles, we ended up just making solid eggs.  To do so, all we did was fill up each side of the egg generously with warm crispy rice treat mix, packed them down a little, and shut the eggs while they were still warm.

IMG 7659We let them cool and ended up with perfectly formed eggs that pop out of the shells effortlessly and make great on-the-go treats (the plastic eggs double as containers until you’re ready to eat them) .  They were also a lovely addition to Gracen’s egg hunt and she’s been enjoying one every couple of days since.


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  1. Just made these Rice Krispie treats today—-AWESOME!! I am so pleased and my kids loved them. They truly do taste as good, if not better, than the classic version. Thank you so much for this recipe. : )

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