A Floor Bed for Miss G

IMG 7645IMG 7641Though Gracen’s crib could have been converted to a toddler bed, we opted to rearrange her room a little and make space for a large floor bed.  Not only does it give her lots space to spread out while sleeping {and minimizes falls out of the bed}, but it also allows for family snuggles, awesome story reading sessions, and provides a new play space too.  Tea anyone?


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4 thoughts on “A Floor Bed for Miss G

  1. That’s a good idea. We’re also thinking about getting a big girl’s bed for our little lady. Maybe this type of thing is an option…although we are slightly more squeezed for space so a modular bed/ raised bed is a strong contender at the moment. I’m mainly excited about the prospect of having a raised bed so that there can be a little playspace underneath and even the possibility of a slide!! Maybe that is a ridiculous idea but I would’ve loved sliding out of bed as a child….

    1. Totally not ridiculous – a slide sounds fabulous! I’ve been thinking about Gracen’s new room in Kuwait and have actually been considering the raised bed idea too… I love the floor bed and we’ll most likely stick with it, but I love the cozy underneath space a raised bed creates.

  2. We did the same for my daughter who is now four. So glad we did. We have plenty of room for reading books, snuggling, and she has now learned to make her “big girl” bed by herself.

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