Father’s Day Interview and Portrait {a sweet and simple gift for Papa}

Father's Day Interview & Portrait | Mama.Papa.Bubba.

I’ve always adored handmade gifts, especially when they’re from munchkins, so this year Gracen and I created something simple but from-the-heart for Bradley – a Father’s Day interview and portrait.

IMG 8916

We started with an interview all about her Papa.  I’ve seen a ton of these on Pinterest and we did something similar when she turned 2, so I just made up a bunch of sentence starters, read them aloud to her, and she finished them off.  I was actually a little surprised as I wasn’t sure if she’d fully understand how to  finish off sentences like this, but it was no problem at all. Some of her answers – like the fact that Brad likes to wear leggings and ‘makes her food….cereal mostly!’ cracked me right up!

IMG 8921

To jazz things up a little, I gathered some inspiration for Daffodil Design and created a couple of mini buntings using scrapbook paper and baker’s twine.

IMG 8958

While I did that, Miss G worked on a drawing of Bradley.  It was her idea to retrieve this picture from her room since he was at work and she couldn’t look at him in person.

IMG 8925

To put everything together, I simply tacked the buntings onto the interview and portrait papers with a teensy amount of tape, carefully outlined her portrait with black felt, then popped them into frames.

IMG 9196

IMG 9191

Here are the finished products!

IMG 9202

Pretty cute, right?  My favourite part is that she was just tickled pink about the way Papa’s shoes had turned out…  Proud as a peacock.

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  1. Hi! Thank you for posting! I love this and was hoping to download, but I keep getting an error message. Has the download been taken down? Thank you!

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