iPhoneography // Passport Picture Success!

PhotoPhotoThe last time we got a passport for Miss G, she was just a couple of weeks old and so sleepy that our biggest challenge was waking her up in order to get a photo with her eyes open.  We literally tried waking her for 45 minutes before the photographer suggested the {somewhat cruel} method of gently wiping her face with a cool, wet cloth.  It worked, and with some seriously stealthy propping and holding, we got the photo we needed.  

This time around, I worried that we’d have the opposite problem.  With all of the restrictions on Canadian passport photos (serious expression! closed mouth!  centred face! no shine! no hair touching eyebrows!) and a little lady who very much prefers being on the go rather than staying still, I thought we could be in for a challenging visit.  

But here’s the thing. By now,  I should really know better than to ever doubt this little lady.  We chatted about what we’d be doing and how it would work beforehand, arrived at the photography store, she stood perfectly still where the photographer asked, and kept a closed-mouth serious expression on her little face.  He quickly snapped 3 photos, told us she had done better than most adults do, and sent us on our way 2 minutes after arriving.

The best part is that we submitted the passport application just before closing yesterday afternoon, and Gracen’s shiny new passport will be ready for pick-up come Monday.  I love how easy things are in Canada!


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