iPhoneography // Around Mahboula

Life back in Kuwait is treating us well.  Our apartment is slowly starting to look like a home, Gracen and I have fallen into a nice routine despite the fact that we have very little mobility right now, Brad’s enjoying his new job, and I’m tutoring 4 afternoons a week, which is perfect.  Here’s a peek at our new {old} life in Mahboula…  It’s not one of the country’s loveliest areas, but strangely enough, it feels a lot like home.

Photo copy 2

early morning sunrise over the Gulf 


out for a walk  //  a familiar sight


playground  and pizza  //  ‘Grae’s kitty’


ahhhh… sweet relief! //  trash

Desert trekking

desert trekking (thankful for our BOB)  //  wood & rope scaffolding

IMG 3674

i spy two of my favourite people


doing laps  //  cement construction is craaaazy

IMG 3627



chaos  // palms at night

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