Paper Strip Handprint Art {& Keepsake}

Paper Strip Handprint Art | Mama Papa Bubba

While we’re all set up in our new place with the day-to-day essentials, we’re still working on making our house feel like home.  So far, Gracen’s room seems to feel the most homey, largely in part to the fact that it’s the only space in the house with anything on the walls.  It’s still a work in progress, but we’ve framed several photos and a couple of my favourite downloadable prints, and we’ve been working on adding a few homemade pieces too.  Earlier this week, when I came across this paper strip Easter egg art idea on Julep. (Minted‘s blog), I knew that Grae and I had to try our own version.  It’s simple, beautiful, and would make the perfect addition to her gallery wall or dresser top, plus I love the fact that it lends itself perfectly to being a collaborative piece between parent and child.

IMG 3034

Gracen’s always up for creating, so with that, we began to gather our materials.  This is what we used: thin strips of scrapbook paper {chopped from my scraps}, a frame, two pieces of white card stock {that fit into the frame}, a glue stick, and a pencil.

IMG 3036

Then it was time to get started.  First up, Miss G centred her hand on one of the pieces of card stock and held it very still while I traced from one side of her wrist all the way around to the other.

IMG 3037

When finished, I closed in the handprint with a rounded line.

IMG 3038

Next, I placed the second piece of card stock on top of the first and traced the hand so that the pages were identical.

IMG 3040

Then it was time to get Gracen started on the fun part.  Using the colourful paper strips and a glue stick, I asked her to completely cover the hand on one of the card stock pieces so that we could no longer see it.  She thought helping the hand hide was pretty funny. ☺

IMG 3043

While she worked on her part of the project, I began carefully cutting out the hand on the second piece of card stock, trying to take along as much of the pencil line with me as I cut.  An exacto knife would be helpful for this part, but as long as you work carefully, scissors work just as well.

IMG 3044

Before I knew it, Grae was done.

IMG 3046

And so was I!

IMG 3048

Using our glue stick, we carefully adhered our hand cut out over our paper strips, then placed a heavy book on top for a few minutes just to make sure the finished product was nice and flat.

IMG 3052

Then we popped the finished piece into our frame, and voila!  Beautiful homemade handprint art to add to Gracen’s bedroom.  The best part is that it’s not only art, but a permanent keepsake of Miss G’s hand at 3 years and 2 months old also.

IMG 3051

Fun, right?   And the fun is only beginning – up next, we’ll be giving these adorable pompom magnets a try!  Now I only wish we could also take advantage of Minted’s beautiful holiday cards…  We’d definitely be sending out this aquarelle no. 2 one!


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7 thoughts on “Paper Strip Handprint Art {& Keepsake}

  1. Hi! Thanks for sharing this on Triple T Mum FB page. I love this activity! It would make a great keepsake activity in the classroom. Thank you for introducing your blog to me, I can’t wait to read more from here :) Shared and pinned.

    1. Just today I was trying to figure out what to do with some of my daughters birthday cards from Grandpa and this project is a perfect way to incorporate her memorabilia into her art documenting her age.

  2. This is so cool! I also thought that it was neat that you have a “Gracen” too, it’s my son’s middle name but I’ve never seen the spelling anywhere else before!

  3. I’m going to use this as the base of a Christmas gift for my parents from my son. Thank you so much for the idea! ❤️

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