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Quick  Easy Poppy Hair Clip | Mama Papa Bubba

This morning as Miss G created play dough costumes for her animal figurines (her new thing), I sat down beside her and worked on a quick and easy project of my own – making her a poppy to wear in honour of Remembrance Day, as they’re not available here in Kuwait. 

IMG 3089

Having lots of leftover sparkly red craft foam from Gracen’s supergirl costume, I decided to use that, but you could just as easily use regular red craft foam or felt too.  On the backside of the foam, I simply traced a circle and used the edges to guide the shape of my poppy – much easier than starting from scratch!

IMG 3090

Then I cut out the poppy shape along with a small black  centre also made of sparkly craft foam.

IMG 3091

With my {messy} glue gun in hand, I attached the two pieces.

IMG 3092

Though I did make a magnetic version for her to wear on her shirt, I decided to switch things up a little and create a quick and easy poppy hair clip too. To do so, I flipped the poppy over and attached an alligator clip {purchased at Michael’s} with hot glue too.

IMG 3093

To finish it off, I cut out a felt circle and attached it in between the two prongs of the alligator clip.

IMG 3098

Voila!  Quickest, easiest project ever and Miss G got to proudly sport a poppy in honour of Remembrance Day. ♥


And if you have a poppy, but want to make it a little more kid-friendly, check out our simple pin-less poppy modification.

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