iPhoneography // Turtle Day at Bright Minds

Photo 1 4

Have I mentioned how much we love visiting Bright Minds each week?  It’s something both Grae and I look forward to…  She gets to see her little friends and play with all sorts of fun toys, I get to see my mama friends, and we get to do a fun project {or two} together.  

Photo 2 4

This week’s theme is turtles and we started off by making a really cute little turtle puppet using 2 plastic spoons.

Photo 3 2

Gracen painted him green and we added a belly and some little legs.

Photo 7

Here’s what he looked like in the end… Cute, right?

Photo 4 2

Afterwards, my girl turned into a turtle with the addition of a painted shell.  We didn’t quite realize that we were supposed to paint it with hand stamps, so Grae just ended up taking a brush to it, but oh well!  I think she makes a pretty sweet little turtle anyways.  ☺


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