Striped Egg Art {Using Washi Tape}

Striped Egg Art | Mama Papa Bubba

Gracen is all about ‘decorating’ for upcoming holidays, which in our house normally means switching out the wreath on our apartment door, changing up the garland that hangs above the large couch in our living room, and maybe adding a few pieces of artwork to the wall above our creative space.  So with Easter not too far away, new decorations are needed asap. Our first project, this striped egg art, is very similar to our paper strip handprint art and is very easy while beautiful at the same time.

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To get started, Miss G and I gathered a few materials…  Some thick white paper (though I’d use a full-on card stock next time around), a pencil, a pair of scissors, an egg-shaped cookie cutter (not necessary, but helpful), a glue stick (that didn’t quite make the photo), and some of our favourite rolls of washi tape.

IMG 7537

If you’re new to washi tape, it’s a thin paper-like tape that originates in Japan and comes in a huge variety of colours and patterns. While I normally purchase ours on Etsy, it’s also widely available in craft stores and in cute sets on Amazon.  Grae and I both love it, and you can bet that the moment I mentioned a washi tape project, she was immediately ready to dive in.  That being said, using scrap paper cut into strips would work just as well for this project.

IMG 7539

First up, we took our regular piece of white paper and cut it in half. Then, I steadied the egg cookie cutter in the centre of one of the halves while Miss G carefully traced around it.

IMG 7540

Then, with a little help from the window, I traced the egg shape onto the second half of paper so that it was perfectly inline with the first.

IMG 7543

Next, I carefully cut out on the egg shapes to create a picture frame of sorts.

IMG 7546

Gracen was familiar with the technique from last time, so she quickly began covering the egg completely with strips of overlapped washi tape.

IMG 7548

If she had accidentally left a strip of white paper showing, she’d simply add another tape strip on top, which added to the layered {and very patterned} look.

IMG 6395

Here’s her first egg completely covered.

IMG 6399

To finish off the project, I simply glued the second half of paper on top, lining up the edges as closely as possible before placing the piece of art under a heavy textbook to dry and flatten.

IMG 6398

In the meantime, Miss G did this.  Who doesn’t love a good washi tape tower, right?

IMG 6414

She loved the project so much though that the towers were short-lived.  Before long, she asked to make another striped egg…

IMG 6418

And another!

Cute, right?  These are currently just hanging on our art wall with washi tape, but I think they’d look adorable in frames too.


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