iPhoneography // Friday Family Day

This week’s been sort of rough.  Miss G’s been extra needy and I’ve been staying up extra late in order to finish up a big project I’ve been working on.  Needless to say,  the tired mama / whiny 3 year old is not the best of combinations.  We made it through the week and my hope was that the weekend would serve as a reset.

Luckily, so far so good {thank goodness}.

Our morning started with Gracen experimenting with drinking water like a lion – something she’s been asking to do for days. {Have I mentioned that she is totally Lion King obsessed?! Oy.  It’s out.of.control.}  When I asked if she was ready to go to the Hilton, her response was, ‘Yup, Queen Sarabi.  I just have to finish drinking my pond water.’  The girl didn’t skip a beat.  The bulk of our morning was spent split between swimming in a waterfront pool and playing on the beach of the Arabian Gulf, which was lovely.  Then, after coming home for lunch and a nap, we met some friends down in the courtyard and gave the concrete a little makeover using squeeze bottles filled with our favourite sidewalk chalk paint recipe.  Later in the evening, our very good friends dropped off a very unnecessary thank you gift – Ladurée macarons and special homemade, wholewheat, sugar-free cookies for Miss G {sweetest thing ever}.

As far as days go, I’d say this is pretty much as good as it gets.  And the best part?  Gracen is back to her happy little self.  Ahhhh…

Family Friday

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