iPhoneography // Lady Bug Day

IMG 9469

This week’s Bright Minds theme is lady bugs and Grae was so looking forward to our Crafty Kids class that she made sure to wear an outfit that included red.  Little did she know, however, that she’d find a full-on lady bug costume upon arrival.

IMG 9464

For this class, we focused on a few different concepts – the fact that lady bugs are insects, the fact that they have 6 legs, the fact that they eat aphids {and are therefore helpful}, and the fact that they start their lives as grubs.

IMG 9486

After our circle time, we got going on our craft.

IMG 9476

After listening to the instructions I gave during circle time, Miss G was pretty much to do the entire project on her own, which is really helpful as I also need to be available to help the other munchkins.

IMG 9478

Here are our finished lady bugs…  Cute, right?

IMG 9481

And here’s my little lady bug showing off her lady bug.

IMG 9474

Afterwards, the kids had a few options…  Having free play time, creating a ‘lady bugs in the grass’ piece like this…

IMG 9453

Or playing with our black coffee-scented play dough and lady bug play dough mats.  Miss G did all three.  ☺

Next week we move onto a completely new theme, ‘Around the World’.  First stop – India!

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