Playing Hairdresser {and the highlight of my sick day}

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Having felt absolutely awful all day today, I happily passed off my parenting duties when Brad walked in the door this afternoon and crawled into bed for some quiet.  Gracen’s big thing right now is playing hairdresser and I listened intently from the next room while she talked her Papa through several hairstyles just as a master stylist teaching new hairdressing students would.  About 20 minutes or so in, she announced that she would be right back as she needed to retrieve some water, but not to worry – doing so was something she could handle on her own.  Then I heard the pitter patter of little feet make their way to the washroom, retrieve some water, and head back to their eagerly waiting client.  Only, the client wasn’t waiting eagerly at all.  In fact, this client was fast asleep {and had been for the entire duration of his appointment!!}  Needless to say, he was no longer asleep when the cold water started pouring on his head – bahaha!  {Definitely worth the effort of dragging my sorry self out of bed to snap a quick iPhone photo!} 

But my favourite thing about the whole situation?  Those red scissors carefully placed on the hairdresser’s tray…  Seems like she may have had more than a little wash in mind.  ☺


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