Slow Saturdays

Today was one of those days were you roll out of bed, do nothing all morning, and then when lunchtime rolls around, realize you’ve done nothing all morning and kick it into high gear for the rest of the day.  Despite a very emotional couple of hours in the afternoon, it was exactly what we needed.  Our morning was filled with books, cuddles, manicures, pretend play, and Miss G’s first ever taste of {dark} chocolate chip pancakes, while the afternoon took us into tear-apart-the-house-and-clean-and-reorganize-everything mode.  Gracen was the best little helper and kept saying, ‘Sure! Of course I’ll do that for you, Mama.  I’ll always help you.’  It pretty much melted my heart.  Then there were a couple very emotional hours that were soothed by a candlelit lavender bath, followed by a comfort food dinner and bedtime.  Ahhh…


manicure station // mama’s turn

surprise pancakes  //  chocolate chip!

organized  //  clean, finally

lavender bath  //  deconstructed lasagna

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4 thoughts on “Slow Saturdays

  1. Thank you so much for making me feel ‘almost’ normal again although, just when I thought you were doing “nothing” I realised you were still totally interacting with your daughter. You are SUCH a reminder to do things VERY differently to what I’m doing … I’m slowly becoming so lacking of “us” time. You’ve got so many great projects that totally interact with the two of you. You are very, very inspiring. Thank you!

  2. Would it be possible to have a post that just walks through your storage closet and what type of things you have in all your containers? I’m amazed!

    1. I’m amazed too Melissa! I come back to this site over and over again, possibly as an affirmation to myself as to what I can achieve. It blows me away at the organisation of everything! Even the posts are well laid out and clean and simple to look at!!!

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