‘White Day’


This afternoon we headed down to Fahaheel for some fun around the fish market and fountains before sitting down to an outdoor dinner at Paul….

IMG 4442

IMG 4444

IMG 4446

IMG 4456

IMG 4458

IMG 4461

IMG 4462

IMG 4467

IMG 4469

Just after we’d ordered our meals, Gracen looked around and announced with certainty…

‘I think it’s white day.  Almost everybody here is wearing white!   …Mama, don’t you think it’s white dress day?!  Everyone around us is wearing at least a little bit of white!’

I couldn’t help but giggle.  Yes, sweet girl.  Everyone around us is wearing white.  That’s because we live in Kuwait and are surrounded by men who are wearing dishdashas.  ‘White Day’ could totally be a thing, though.  ☺


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