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When Gracen gets invited to a birthday party, she’s usually excited about two things – actually going to the party of course, and coming up with a fun gift to bring along!  This gift was for a friend who was celebrating her 7th birthday this time around, so Miss G knew she wanted something ‘big girlish’.  We brainstormed ideas throughout the week {a hair dressing kit and a card making kit were other options in the running – two of G’s favourite things}, but in the end we decided on a little chef’s baking kit since our friend enjoys baking with her mama just as Grae and I enjoy baking together.

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With our gift idea decided upon, we came up with a list of items Gracen wanted to include in the kit…  Included was a ‘cute apron’, some recipes, some kitchen tools, and some ingredients, so with that, we headed out to do some shopping.  We were quite successful and managed to find all of the items we were looking for, save a nice set of measuring cups, which isn’t bad when you’re used to coming home without 1/3 of your shopping list due to unavailability.  Things we managed to find included a cute kid-sized apron, a set of silicon baking cups, a pink spatula, a metal whisk, a couple of wooden spoons, a large mixing bowl, some dark chocolate, and a couple bags of specialty flour for the gluten-free birthday girl.

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With our items collected, Miss G and I got to work personalizing our wooden spoons.  To do so, we simply used painter’s tape to mark off the handle area of the spoons, then painted them using a foam brush and a few coats of acrylic paint.  Afterwards, we set them to dry in a couple of mason jars {and realized how crazy crooked one of the handles was}.

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Of course, if you fancify your wooden spoons, your whisk must be fancified too, so we settled on a couple of washi tape stripes to add a little pop of colour.  Luckily, the already-pink spatula passed inspection as is. ☺

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Next, I worked on rounding up some fairly easy Gracen-approved recipes that I thought the birthday girl would enjoy.  Included in my collection was our no-bake chocolate oat cookies, our 3-ingredient flourless pancakes, our favourite peanut butter banana smoothie, and recipes for banana oat muffins and avocado chocolate chunk cookies we’ve experimented with lately.  And because the birthday girl is not only gluten-free, but dairy-free and almond-free too, all of these recipes fit those requirements.  I typed up the recipes, formatted them in large rectangular text boxes, printed them out, and laminated them.

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Next, I created a simple recipe book template, printed off several copies, and placed them in a clear book file for the birthday girl to use as she experiments with some of her family’s favourite recipes and begins creating her own.

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With the addition of a label on the front of the book and a title page just inside, our recipe collection book was complete.

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With that, Miss G helped me neatly place everything inside the mixing bowl…

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And that was that.  A birthday baking kit that will hopefully inspired loads of fun in the kitchen!


Interested in creating a baking kit of your own?  We’re happy to share our printables for personal use {only}.

Recipe cards:  No-Bake Chocolate Drop Cookies | Avocado Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie | 3 Ingredient Pancakes | Banana Oatmeal Muffins

Personal Cookbook:  Label | Cover | Recipe Template

Also, you can see the rest of our fun gift kits here.


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  1. I love your homemade birthday kits! I want to start creating some here too! If you don’t mind me asking- what do you normally budget for kids birthday gifts?

  2. This is just amazing! And so generous of you to share the files you created! Excited to make this for Christmas gifts!

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